Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Hewwo evwybuddy. Whut ar yew doing today?

We are loving up on our Daddy/Papi, because he is going bye-bye wif da Storm Boys tomarrow to sum far away pwace called Indianapolis. We like to hear him talk about da Storm Boys on da Wadywo, but we don't wike it dat he has to be gone so wong. We dwives our Mommy/Mami cwazy, becuz we misses our Daddy/Papi so much!

Will sumwun pwease come ovur an pway wif us while our Daddy/Papi is on his wong bye-bye? Fank yoo!

1 comment:

powder-puff said...

HEY snoop and smoke!!!

I would LUV to come and play with you guys while your daddy is away, ill bring the chew toys!!!

AT least TURKEY day isn't to far away!!!

peace out


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