Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Twick or tweet!

"It's October 31st. Or, as we wike to call it, Boo Day, cuz dat's my middle name! Don't I wook scawy?!?!"

"YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWN! See how excitdeded I eem? Wen dey goeeng to name a day after meee?!?!"

We havz anudder noo fwend!

Wookit evreebuddy! It's Sophie Brador, from Montreal. Our Daddy/Papi sez that is sumpwace in a far away wand called Canada. Daddy/Papi sez a wong, wong time ago, he went der to watch sumthing called Expos baseball, when he wiveded in upstate New York, anudder pwace we don't know where it is at.

We gwad to have Sophie as our fwend, even tho she is a big doggie(She's half Chocolate Lab and half Chesapeake Bay Retriever). Sophie, you can come to our howse an pway wif our toys any time! Snoopy sez: "Thanks for saying Happy Boo Day to me, 'cause Boo is my middle name!"

Woof, woof and wiggle, waggles to you!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Wookey what we goteded from Powder Puff the Wug!

Our weallwy cute fwend Wug goteded us dis I wuv yor bwog thingy and we are SOOOO happy!

Thank you Wug. We wuvs yor bwog too!

Wuv, Snoopy and Smoke

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Hooray! More visitors!

Snoopy and Smoke are SOOOO happy to have had more visitors.

First came Jean M. Fogle, who wrote the book Salty Dogs.

We can't wait to get her book. You can too, at

Then came Oscar.

Oscar, you can come play with our toys whenever you want. And bring some of those Salty Dogs with you too, okay?

Woof, woof and wiggle, waggle to you both. See you soon!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Just another day with the "Men-o-paws!"

Snoopy and Smoke have been especially nice to us lately. And we sure have appreciated that.

When you come to our house, Snoopy and Smoke will greet you at the door with barks, wags and jumping up on you. They love visitors. After awhile, if you can't find Smoke, just look under a crumpled up blanket. He'll be in there, keeping warm. Snoopy will probably be up on the edge of the couch, having a nap, but ready to jump up and love his Mommy at a moment's notice.

Our house? Two people, two dogs, twelve legs, lots of love!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Mami knits Smoke a sweater

And the boys are SOOOOOOOO excited!

Papi, tell Mami to feeneesh my swedder fast. I em veree cold!

Oh boy, lookit how cute I em eeen my noo swedder!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Another day with Snoopy and Smoke

The boys like to start their day with a good breakfast.

Snoopy gets comfy on Mommy's shoulder

Smokey rests his widdle head on Papi's leg

Hi Mommy! Hi Daddy!

Hello Papi! Hello Mami!

Friday, October 5, 2007

The boys have a new friend!

It's Winston the wrinkle doggie. He plays next door while his grandpa paints the buildings. He's a cute little guy, who has the most wonderful puppy breath! Snoopy and Smoke told Winston that he can come play with them anytime. Grandpa says "I think I'll keep him here with me." Who can blame him? That little Winston is such a little bitty sweetie!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Oh boy! More visitors!

Powder-Puff the Wug

Snoopy and Smoke are happy to send "Woof, woofs" and Wiggle, waggles" to their two new friends, Powder-Puff the Wug (Snoopy says "What's a Wug Daddy?) and Asta the Schanuzer. (Smoke says "I like Asta. Sheee's preety!") Our boys love to play all day, take multiple rest breaks, eat plenty of crunchy dog food and drink lots of cool dog water. You can bring your own toys, or play with ours. And we'll watch Planet's Funniest Animals on the tee vee.

Thanks for visiting us, Powder-Puff and Asta. We love you!

Asta the Schnauzer


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