Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Another day with Snoopy and Smoke

The boys like to start their day with a good breakfast.

Snoopy gets comfy on Mommy's shoulder

Smokey rests his widdle head on Papi's leg

Hi Mommy! Hi Daddy!

Hello Papi! Hello Mami!


powder-puff said...

hey BOYZ!!!!

I LUV all the photos, smoke i especially love your cute underbite!!!

have a great day !!

peace out

Lacy said...

woofies snoopy and smoke, dats what u pose to do after eatin, rest!!!!! heehee

b safe,

Kim Meissner said...

Smoke, I don't know where your Papi comes up with all these cute pics of you but I hope he doesn't stop! Snoopy, my baby boy, you are handsome and silly as always!


Asta said...

hi Snoopy and Smoke!
I suwe wish we could two look so vewy nice..I love youw faces,and youw clevew to find the bestest places to west..I bet it's nice fow Papi and Mami too!
smoochie kisses


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