Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Oh boy! More visitors!

Powder-Puff the Wug

Snoopy and Smoke are happy to send "Woof, woofs" and Wiggle, waggles" to their two new friends, Powder-Puff the Wug (Snoopy says "What's a Wug Daddy?) and Asta the Schanuzer. (Smoke says "I like Asta. Sheee's preety!") Our boys love to play all day, take multiple rest breaks, eat plenty of crunchy dog food and drink lots of cool dog water. You can bring your own toys, or play with ours. And we'll watch Planet's Funniest Animals on the tee vee.

Thanks for visiting us, Powder-Puff and Asta. We love you!

Asta the Schnauzer


powder-puff said...

hey snoopy and smoke!!

Thanks for the highlight on me, it really is an honor to be friends with such pawsome dogz!!!

keep in touch you krazy dogs!!

peace out

Lacy said...

woofies snoopy n smokeE!!! wonder where u guys were..bout times u showeded up..

b safe,

Asta said...

Hi Snoopy and Smoke
Thanks fow the honow,given that you'we a schnauzew,Snoopy, but I'm a wire fox tewwiew,heheh.we look almst the same,but w'ewe diffewent.you guys awe vewy cute,and I'm glad to be fwiends..I'm putting you in my fwiends list ..I hope it's OK.
I love evewydoggie,like to play with big ow small doggies..I'm still a little ovewenthusiastic(Mommi says I still act like a puppy),and I shawe toys and food vewy well!
smoochie kisses

John Meissner said...

Hi Asta, it is me, Snoopy Boo. I had to askeded my Mommy what kind of doggie you were. Evwey doggie wooks wike a schnauzer to me. If you come ovur to our hous to pway, I will shawre my toys wif you. Except for Piggy. I have to pwoteck him, so dat Smokey doesn't take his stuffing owt.

Hi Asta, it is mee, Smokey, da chee-hoo-uh-hoo-uh. i hope you can com over and pway wif us verwee soooon, beecuz I love yoooou!


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