Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas from Snoopy and Smoke

Hi, I'm Snoopy Boo. It was cwismus at our hous and it was fun! Me an' Smokey gotteded tweats and helpeded Jimmy open his pwesints. It was fun! We wuv you!

Hola evwyone! I emm Smokey Bones. I wuv haveeng cwismas wif my famiwy an' want to be wif dem all dee time. Fleas Naveedad to yoo!"

"I wuv my Mommy!"

"I sure doo luv my Jeemy!"

"We gotteded cwismus tweats!"

"Thank yoo Mami!"

"Fank yew Mommy!"

"We helped our Jeemmy open his pwesints."

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Ow baby bwudder Jimmy is fiv munths owd!

Yesturday was Jimmy's 5 munf birfday! Can you believe it? We sure duz wuv ow baby bwudder! Here is his update in his own words:

Hewwo evwybuddy! My name is Jimmy. I is 5 mumfs owd now. I is getting weawwy big an' I is eating wike a widdle bawacooda (watevew dat is), at weest dat's wat Mommy sez. I is now wowwing ovuw bof wayz fwum my bak to my tumee an' fwum my tumee to my bak. I is pwaying in my exursawser now. It's fun! I wuv to waff an' smiyul wots.

Mommy haz startud a noo job (watevew dat is) so I is staying home wif Daddy wen hez not doing hokee stuff. Day aw wooking fow a baybeesitur fow me fow wen Daddy haz to go owt uv town. Dere is a wady at chuwch dey aw gonna ask.

I is vewy, vewy exsitud! I is geting baptizeded on Sundee! My Ant Deedee is fwying up hewe fwum Fworda (wer Mommy is fwum) cuz her is my godmuvuw! Her huzbun Unka Wic cant com. We is gonna hav wots of fun! Is is gonna get to bewong to Jeezuz fowevew! I weawwy wuv going to da chuwch. Aw da wadies wuv me!

Daddy tooked me an' Mommy to a hokee game wast Fwidee nite. We went bak to dat pwace cawed Gween Bay. We seed dese gize fwum da weeg Daddy usta wuwk in. Dey wuz cawed da Gween Bay Gambwers an' da Fawgo Fowce. It wuz fun! Daddy seed sum kidz he nowed fwun da teem he usta wuwk fow. I weawwy wike hokee!

Dat's aw fow now. Daddy hasta take Mommy to wuwk so I gotta go get dwessed. I wuv aw uv yew!


Sunday, September 28, 2008

Our Jimmy is fow munths owd today!

Our baby bwudder Jimmy is fow munths owd today! He talks awot more, but cwies awot. Mommy says it's becuz he's gonna have teef soon! We wuvs to pway with Jimmy and have puppy smackdown for him. He wikes to waf an watch da teevee wif Daddy. We sure duz wuv our baby bwudder! So do Mommy an Daddy too.

Snoopy and Smokey

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Our baby bwudder is three munths old today!

Even do we can't tell time, we wunder where it has all gone. Our wittle baby bwudder Jimmy is 3 months old today. He can now woll over an he can awso hold his head up and wook awound. He uses his hands wots more and more. he's awlso using his wegs a wot more and we fink he will be able to pway wif us soon. We don't know exactly how much he weighs but he is as big as Smokey now. He wealwe has changeded since he was born. He's a real little person now and his gets more sillwy an' funny evewy day. Sumtimes he cwies awot, but we think he jist wants Mommy an' Daddy to hold him an' pway wif him. Jimmy wikes us and duzint get scareded we we wook at him, so dat is wealwy cool. We've alwayz been wealwy happy doggies wif' our Mommy an' daddy and didn't tink we culd be any happier. But, since Jimmy has arrived, the happiness factor in our howse Meissner home has gone off the charts. Three humans, two dogs, five hearts, 14 legs, lots of love!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Welcome home Papi and Mami

Smokey sez: "When our Mami an' Papi come home from bye-bye, me an' my Snoopy are very excited when dey come home! Snoopy sezs eets becuz we luvs dem vewy much. I agwee!"

Snoopy sez" "Me an' Smokey are living in a new howse called Wisskansun and we weally wikes it. Pwetty soon, we will go to anuddeer howse called Mishuhgun. We dussint no where dat is, but as wong as Mommy, Daddy an' Jimmy come wif us, dat will be okay. See ya soon!"

Oh, look below on Pup-o-Vision for a video of the boys greeting their parents when they came home. It's video #9 on the list. We hope you like it!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Hi evwybuddy!

Here is da watest fwum Puppy Central!
Wuv to yew fwum Snoopy Boo and Smoke E. Bones

Smokey stands guard over Jimmy.

Snoopy makes sure his baby brother is okay.

The Boys guarding the Mommy, with an assist from Vinnie the Hippo.

Smokey always does a great job cleaning up his Papi.

Snoopy loves his Mommy very much.

"Der may bee mor hyoomuns here dan doggies, but dats okay, cuz we wuvs it here!"

Monday, June 2, 2008

We wuvs our Jimmy!

Our new widdle bwudder Jimmy came home Friday night. He sleeps a lots, cried a bunch and smells funny, but we wuvs him ennyway!

Hi Mommy! Hi Jimmy!

Hola Jeemy! I luv yooou!

Can we play wif Jimmy now pleeze?

Gee Daddy, he smells funny!

One big happy family!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


....our widdle bwudder James Harper Meissner, born in Kearney, Nebraska on May 27th at 7:15p.m. CDT. He weighed 7 pounds, 11 ounces and measured 20 3/4 inches long. Jimmy and our Mommy and Daddy are doing fine.

You can see his pictures at: He'll be easy to spot. He's the cute one wif two legs!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Mommy's gonna have a baby!!!!

Our Mommy and Daddy are at the Big doctor place. The doctor has helped Mommy start having her baby and we are praying that it works, because we want them to come home with our Jimmy!

Mommy and Daddy have set up something called a photo bucket account to post all the pictures of our Jimmy. You can see them at:

We love you Mommy. You too Daddy and Jimmy!
Snoopy Boo and Smokey Bones

Monday, May 26, 2008

See us on TV

Dis story wuz on da teevee Sunday night. Watch closely and you'll notice that da tee vee guy taked wots of pikchurs of da Snoopy Boo. Even da Smokey Bones hammeded it up for da camawuh!

And doesn't our Mommy look byooteeful?!?!(It looks like Daddy's tummy still sticks out further than Mommy's. Dat's okay doh. We wuvz our Daddy vewy much!!!!)

This linky ( ) shows all da words dey said on da teevee. We da big teevee stars now! But not too big dat we couldn't let our Mommy and Daddy be on da teevee wif us!!!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

We goteded some baby stuff for Jimmy!

Last Friday, our new fwend Monica comed over to our house and broughteded stuff for Jimmy to have, after he gets out of our Mommy's tummy. She is weelwy nice and we wuvs her wots and wots! Fank yew Monica! You can be our fwend all da time!

We had to check her out. She passeded inspection!

Dese are for Jimmy to wear, cuz he can't go outside to go potty!

It's Monica and da guy who tookeded our pickchur for da tee vee.

Snoopy helps Mommy sort the stuff for Jimmy.

Smokey sez Jimmy can wear dis becuz he weel be qute!

Mami puts togedder the thingy Jimmy can sleep in sometimes, cuz he will be a widdle baby!

Da Smokey Bones sure is excited about his widdle bwudder!

So is da Snoopy Boo!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Load's o' fun with the boys

Another exciting round of WWP Puppy Smackdown.

The boys and the Momma.

The boys with Monica from NTV's "Big Give."

It has been a wonderful day here at the Meissner house. Monica, the winner of NTV's (Kearney, Nebraska's ABC affiliate) " Big Give" stopped by. She brought us a bunch of neat baby stuff and the boys swarmed all over her. A nice young man from the tv station came out and did a sory that will be on this Sunday's 10 o' clock news. Monica brought lots of baby clothes for Jimmy, a gorgeous bassinet and some toys for when Jimmy gets older. We were so overwhelmed with joy, it was wonderful that someone cared enough about us to help.

Jimmy is moving into position and the boys are getting more and more excited, as their little two-legged brother is almost here. Thank for visiting us and the boys. See ya soon!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Baby practice

As we all await the birth of Jimmy, the boys like to help us prepare. Here they are, taking a living room spin in Jimmy's new ride:

Aren't they cute?!?!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

We have a new fwiend!!!!

Me an' Smokey says dat we bin so bizzy, dat we forgeoteded to say day we have a new fwend!

Dat's right Snoopy. Eet is Turbo da Sibe. Wee are not sure, but Papi sez Turbo iz sumtheeng called a Siberian Husky. Sounds too cold to mee!

We wuvz you Turbo! Tanks for being our new fwend. See you soon!

Dat's wight. Wee luv yew!

Da Boyz checking in

"Hewwo evwybuddy. It is me, Snoopy Boo, talking to yoo now. I hate baseball season, 'cuz sumtimes Mommy makes we wear dis jacket an' aldo I wook cute in it, I don't wike it! Take it off me Mommy!

"Hola evweebuddee. It ees mee, Smoke Edward Bones Meissner the First! I am on crumb patrol under dee table, hoping dat Papi drops sumtheeng for mee to eet! We are haveeng fun here at our howse. Eet ees nice outside, so wee can go out an' playy. We like dat!

Smoke says: "Dat's our Mami and Papi. Dey wikes each udder wots, but dey do dat mushy stuff an' we run and hide 'til dey are dun, so dey can take us outside, wight Snoopy?"

Snoopy says: "Dats wight Smokey! Wast night, Mommy hadda go to da big dokker pwace, but she is okay. Daddy sez dat Jimmy wuz just dancin' 'wound too much and he's not weady to come oudda Mommy's tummy yet. Me an' Smokey can't wait do', 'cuz we wanna pway wif our widdle bwudder!"

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Hi evwybuddy! It's Snoopy and Smokey talking to you now!

Sowwy we havint beend here in a long time. Our Mommy has been sick and our Daddy has bin 'nouncing da Storm Boys. Me an' Smokey have been helping take care uf da Mommy an' pwaying wif Daddy, when he has bin home. Jimmy, our baby bwudder to be, is still in our Mommy's tummy, but will be here soon. Mommy sez June 1st, but we don't know when dat is, 'cause we can't wead a calwendur!

Da wedder is still cold, but sometimes is warm. We hope you are having fun and will say hi to us soon!

Snoopy and Smoke

Friday, January 11, 2008

Just another day at the Meissner house

Mommy is at work and Daddy is getting ready for tonight's big Storm Boy game-game, so Smokey and I are having fun playing!


I love my Mr. Moose!

Pleese Papi, may I have some cheese pleese?!?!


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