Monday, June 2, 2008

We wuvs our Jimmy!

Our new widdle bwudder Jimmy came home Friday night. He sleeps a lots, cried a bunch and smells funny, but we wuvs him ennyway!

Hi Mommy! Hi Jimmy!

Hola Jeemy! I luv yooou!

Can we play wif Jimmy now pleeze?

Gee Daddy, he smells funny!

One big happy family!


Asta said...

Snoopy and Smoke
Congwatulations on getting such a cute little bwuvvew..even if he's missing all his fuw, he seems weally adowable..I heaw that they get mowe fun when they stawt eating solid food and dwopping it fow you, heheh
love you smoochie kisses
Lots of love and Congwatulations to youw pawents too!!!

Lacy said...

w00f's Smoke and Snoopy, congrats to u and u mama and papi, on u new baby brudder...he shure iz a cutie...

b safe,


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