Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Hi evwybuddy! It's Snoopy and Smokey talking to you now!

Sowwy we havint beend here in a long time. Our Mommy has been sick and our Daddy has bin 'nouncing da Storm Boys. Me an' Smokey have been helping take care uf da Mommy an' pwaying wif Daddy, when he has bin home. Jimmy, our baby bwudder to be, is still in our Mommy's tummy, but will be here soon. Mommy sez June 1st, but we don't know when dat is, 'cause we can't wead a calwendur!

Da wedder is still cold, but sometimes is warm. We hope you are having fun and will say hi to us soon!

Snoopy and Smoke


powder-puff said...

Hey Snoop and Smoke!!!

Glad to see you again, i was starting to wonder where you went!!

I am so happy that your baby brother is doing good!!

lots of love

Asta said...

Snoopy and Smoke
I hope evewything is wondewful at youw house and you'we just busy with good stuff..I hope you have a gweat Eastew
love and smoochie kisses

Turbo the Sibe said...

I'm stopping by to see what is new!


How to watch all the different videos on Pup-o-vision

Next to the play arrow, there's a button with 3 little squares on it. Click that once or twice and it'll bring up thumbnails of all the movies. Click on the one you want to watch and it'll start. It may play the next one automatically, or you may have to click the little box to bring the thumbnails back up.

Now with the addition of more videos, they don't all come up when you open up the thumbnails. To get the other ones to come up, click the little arrow just to the right of the first row of thumbnails and you will see the others.

I hope you like 'em