Monday, May 26, 2008

See us on TV

Dis story wuz on da teevee Sunday night. Watch closely and you'll notice that da tee vee guy taked wots of pikchurs of da Snoopy Boo. Even da Smokey Bones hammeded it up for da camawuh!

And doesn't our Mommy look byooteeful?!?!(It looks like Daddy's tummy still sticks out further than Mommy's. Dat's okay doh. We wuvz our Daddy vewy much!!!!)

This linky ( ) shows all da words dey said on da teevee. We da big teevee stars now! But not too big dat we couldn't let our Mommy and Daddy be on da teevee wif us!!!!

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How to watch all the different videos on Pup-o-vision

Next to the play arrow, there's a button with 3 little squares on it. Click that once or twice and it'll bring up thumbnails of all the movies. Click on the one you want to watch and it'll start. It may play the next one automatically, or you may have to click the little box to bring the thumbnails back up.

Now with the addition of more videos, they don't all come up when you open up the thumbnails. To get the other ones to come up, click the little arrow just to the right of the first row of thumbnails and you will see the others.

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