Tuesday, May 20, 2008

We goteded some baby stuff for Jimmy!

Last Friday, our new fwend Monica comed over to our house and broughteded stuff for Jimmy to have, after he gets out of our Mommy's tummy. She is weelwy nice and we wuvs her wots and wots! Fank yew Monica! You can be our fwend all da time!

We had to check her out. She passeded inspection!

Dese are for Jimmy to wear, cuz he can't go outside to go potty!

It's Monica and da guy who tookeded our pickchur for da tee vee.

Snoopy helps Mommy sort the stuff for Jimmy.

Smokey sez Jimmy can wear dis becuz he weel be qute!

Mami puts togedder the thingy Jimmy can sleep in sometimes, cuz he will be a widdle baby!

Da Smokey Bones sure is excited about his widdle bwudder!

So is da Snoopy Boo!

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