Sunday, September 23, 2007

It's Da Boyziz who make Noyziz!

It's another day at the Meissner House, as the sun breaks the horizon on the first day of Fall. Yesterday, was an interesting day. Snoopy was his usual, calm, lovable self. Oh, wait....did I say calm? If someone passes near our house, Snoopy drops everything to get up in the window and bark a go away warning. of course, Smoke joins in, as if he has nothing better to do. Which, a lot of times, he doesn't. But yesterday, that little Runtley Q. Rodent (The Q stands for Qute!) was pretty busy, setting a personal record by knocking over the kitchen garbage can three times. While likely impressive to other dogs, his Mami and Papi weren't real pleased. Oh well, we love him anyway.

Since it's Sunday, Papi was up at 0 dark thirty to go to work. Smoke thought that meant it was time to get up and play, while Snoopy just sat up on the bed, as cute as can be, watching his Daddy. Smoke jumped off and on the bed, running up to Mami and kissing her awake. (She didn't seem to appreciate that.)

It's been a whole year since we arrived in Nebraska. Snoopy and Smoke make our lives here full of joy everyday. Good boys!


Lacy said...

woofies snoopy and smoke!!!!glad u changed the comment thingy, i been trying for a few days to leave a comment, but it wouldnt kept tellin me i had to b a team member, whats a team member? anyways nice to meet u both!!!

;) lacylulu

John Meissner said...

I finally figured out how to change it. Thanks for saying hi. You're the first! S & S are wagging with glee!

Lacy said...

woofies, u will prolly have more greetings now!!!! and smoke and snoopy r 2 cuties!!!! welcome to dwb, i'm new too!!!


powder-puff said...

hey snoopy and smoke!!!

nice to meet you im powder-puff the WUG!!!

WOWZA a mini schnauzer and a chihuahua!?! thats gotta be one of the best doggy duo's ever!!!

stop by my blog sometime, i would LUV to hear from you guyz!!!

peace out

John Meissner said...

Hi Powder Puff. We like you and think you have a nice blog. You can come over to our house and play anytime you want to!

Snoopy and Smoke

Lacy said...

woofies snoopy and smokey E!!! come over to my bloggy u iz tagged....


Asta said...


snoopy and Smokey
Lacey sent's vewy nice to meet you! welcome to the DWB family..hope you'we having a nice fall day
smoochie kisses

John Meissner said...

Asta, Hi, it's me, Snoopy Boo. We is vewy gwad you came to seed us. Our Mommy an' Daddy are very gwad we havdid our own bwog so we can meet uther doggies! Pwese send us yor piccure, okay? Oh, Smokey wants to say sumthin' to you, okay?
Love Snoopy Boo

Hola Asta, eet ees meee, Smokey Bones. Wee are veree glad you came to seee us. You can come to our house an' play weeth us enny time you want. Pleeese send us yor peeechure soon!



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