Monday, May 24, 2010

Hi there evvywybuddy! It's me, Snoopy!

It's gitting wealwy hawt awond hewe, so to cool down, I go stand undur Jimmy's hichair!

But, beweev it or nawt, Smokey wikes to sweep wate an' to git undr da covvies to stay warm. He's cwazzy, but I wuvs him, cuz he's my bwudder!

When me an' Smokey have sumfin to eet, we is awlways neet.

But ar Jimmy wikes to git it awl ovur! He's silwee!

1 comment:

Asta said...

Snoopy and Smoke
So nice to see you again.
I like the sahde too. mommi melts in the heat and we stay in doowing the hot pawt of the day.
I hope Jimmi dwops some nice tweats fow you fwom that high chaiw of his
smoochie kisses


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