Sunday, July 10, 2011

Pway bawl!

Hi evvwybuddy! Me an' Smokey wented to da Bwue Jayz baseball game at sum pwace cawwed Dunedin awhile ago an' we tooked Daddy an' Mommy an' Jimmy wife us. It wuz wots o' fun!

Dis way to da baseball game.

I want a hot dog!

I'm a hot dog!

It's owr bwuder Jimmy.

Smokey watches Jimmy and Mommy go home, 'cuz it was too loud for Jimmy's little ears.

I like to watch dee basebawl Papi!

Yay Bwue Jay guys!

Snoopy watches the action.

Smokey finds some shade.

Snoopy's all tuckered out.

Heer I emm wif my Papi!

I wuv my Daddy!

Time to go home.

Fanks for wooking at awr peechurz. See you nex tyme!

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