Sunday, August 7, 2011

It's a special day for da boys!

The big weekend continues at our house. Today, our little chi-hua-hua boy, Smoke Edward Bones Meissner the First(He's the best, not the worst), is six years old. He came to us five years ago in Nebraska and has been a cherished part of our family ever since. Our Smokey Bones is funny, full of love and a really cool furry friend. Happy birthday Smoke!

Today is also Snoopy Boo Meissner's "Gotcha Day." Snoopy, Mommy's Miniature Schnauzer boy, came to her nine years ago today and has filled our lives with love and laughter. Happy Gotcha Day Snoopy Boo. We sure do love you!

From Daddy/Papi, Mommy/Mami and Jimmy/Jeemy

1 comment:

Asta said...

What a glowious day! Happy Biwfday Smooke and Happy gotcha day Snoopy!!!
I know you wif all that and youw pawents aminevewsawawy to celebwate this must be the bestest time of the yeaw fow all of you
I'm waising my paw and dwinking a toast to all of you
smoochie kisses


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